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The Products You Need for Motorcycles

Browse through our selection of Rekluse and Yamaha Parts. At EnduroPilot.com in Monticello, Iowa, we have a large selection of parts and products that are designed for quads and motorcycles. We also have the expertise you need to keep your off-road bike running right.

Some of Our Available Products

• Rekluse Slave Cylinder Guard with Chain Guide - $50.00
• External Adjustment with Bump Start Ability - $159.00
• KnobbyKnife Tire Sharpening Tool - $65.00
• Rekluse z-Start PRO - $429.00
• Coolant Tank - $35.00

Rekluse’s Hydraulic Actuated Core EXP and EXP Auto-Clutches

Boise, Idaho-based manufacturer, Rekluse, has released their new adjustable slave cylinder for hydraulic clutch actuated motorcycles. Designed to replace the OEM slave cylinder, this innovative technology allows installation and adjustment to be quick, accurate, and easier than ever before. This non-traditional design eliminates the need to shut the bike off and remove the clutch cover any time an adjustment is made.

Rekluse’s Hydraulic Actuated Core EXP

Sean Brown, research and development manager, states, “We are very excited to deliver external adjustment capabilities to our customers using EXP and Core EXP products. Giving the rider the ability to easily make clutch gap adjustments without having to remove the clutch cover is a huge step forward for auto-clutch technology.”

Rekluse EXP 3.0 Clutch

Core EXP and EXP Features

• External Clutch Adjustment
• Bump Starting Capabilities
• May Be Retrofitted to Core EXP & EXP Auto-Clutch Products
• Replaces Previous Methods of Adjusting Hydraulic Actuated Core EXP & EXP Auto-Clutches

Rekluse EXP 3.0 Clutch 

Discover the perfect clutch for the Yamaha TTR 125. The all-new Rekluse EXP 3.0 Clutch is the low-cost way to experience the excitement of an automatic clutch without sacrificing quality and durability. When you hop aboard a bike that's equipped with this Rekluse clutch, you'll immediately notice that the technical sections you used to struggle with are a breeze, your bike doesn't stall, and you can ride longer and use less energy. This item has a stock-like clutch lever feel, but you never have to use it if you don’t want to. Our Rekluse clutch is available for $399.00.

Nitro Tape

With a roll of Nitro Tape, repairs on your motorcycle or ATV are quick and easy! Nitro Tape is a self-fusing silicone tape that is specifically designed for the extreme demands of the automotive and power sport industry. It has no adhesive but chemically bonds to itself upon contact. Simply wrap Nitro Tape over itself, and you have an airtight and waterproof seal. We are selling rolls of this tape for $9.99 each.

Nitro Tape Features

• Easy to Remove
• Leaves No Residue
• Stretches 300%
• Insulates 8,000 Volts per Layer
• Waterproof
• Resists UV, Oil, Salt, & Corrosive Chemicals
• Withstands a Temperature Range of -65° F to 500° F
Rekluse z-Start PRO

Flexx Bars

Watchdog 2000 Enduro Computer

Flexx Handlebars

Flexx Handlebars are race-tested and rider-approved. They dramatically reduce vibration that is caused by the aluminum, which the handlebars are made of, and provide rubber interference. The absorbing action of the Flexx Handlebar results in less abuse transferred to the rider, depleting arm pump and fatigue. By articulating only in the same plane as the suspension, the Flexx System absorbs square edge bumps, rocks, whoops, g-outs, and hard landings without sacrificing control.

Watchdog 2000 Enduro Computer

The New Watchdog 2000 version 12.0 is three computers in one. It is an awesome Enduro Computer made of Billet aluminum. It is extremely easy to program and use, and it is also from the Rekluse Mississippi River Championship Series!


Coolant Recovery Tanks

Catch your radiator fluid by using a coolant recovery tank. This tank is attached by a hose to the overflow vent. When you are 30 miles out and boil over, the hot coolant will vent to the recovery tank instead of the ground. As the bike cools down, the spent coolant will be sucked back into the radiator to be used at a later time.

Installing a Coolant Recovery Tank

For those of you that own a 2003 model or older, installing a Coolant Recovery Tank is easy. For EXC street legal 2007 models, you will have to move the charcoal can, but other than that, all you have to do is follow the step-by-step instructions.

Coolant Recovery Tank

Installation Instructions

1. Remove the seat, gas tank, air-box side cover, side number plate, and overflow hose near the radiator cap.
2. Route the 1/4 inch hose, starting from the radiator to the air-box. Leave about 6 inches of extra hose near the radiator cap for adjustment later. Be careful choosing your route. Be sure to avoid kinking the hose or routing it where it can get pinched by reinstalling the gas tank. Follow the stock clutch cable and wire harness. Secure the hose along the way using zip ties.
3. Remove the bolt that attaches the air-box to the sub frame. It is right above the kickstand holder.
4. Cut off about 10 inches of the left over hose for the breather-overflow.
5. Pull back the black plastic enough to fit the Coolant Recovery Tank under the sub frame. Leave the tank half-way installed and attach the hoses. You can secure the hoses with zip ties; although, this is not necessary. The rounded part of the tank should point down and toward the center of the bike.
6. Now, you can top off your radiator and fill the Coolant Recovery Tank through the overflow tube with coolant. Fill it and the hose to the radiator so there is very little, if any, air in the line. You only need to fill the Coolant Recovery Tank so the lower barbed end is submerged by the coolant when the bike is cold.

7. Route the breather-overflow hose where you would like. We recommend routing it behind the fender.
8. Reassemble the bike.

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